To maintain optimum performance of the equipment and comply with essential health, safety and environment requirements, regular servicing is essential.

Many maintenance personnel are too busy fire fighting to be able to fully keep up with a full regime of planned preventative maintenance which is where we can provide a full service backup. Even where maintenance departments can cope they still find our input useful a second pair of eyes looking for potential problems.

Visits can be carried out on a one off basis or a planned programme to suit your requirements where discounts are then available. We will not only look at the blasting equipment including the recovery and pressurisation system but also the dust collector unit which is often the most neglected as it is out of site.

Our service engineers carry a set of regular spares with them to allow most common faults to be corrected and we supply comprehensive spares back-up.

We also provide emergency call outs, usually within 24 hours, and do not charge a premium if carried out during normal working hours.

Comprehensive spares packages are also available to ensure business continuity.