Surface Dynamics supply products and services for the removal of coatings and contaminants, or the beneficial mechanical processing of a surface, by the impact of selected particles, or'media', in a compressed air stream.

Paint, Coatings and Contaminant Removal

Removal of all types of paint, adhesive residues, tedlar film, special heat or wear resistant coatings, metal spray, heat scale. Almost any application where the coating is of a different hardness to the substrate or the bond between the coating and the substrate can be disrupted.

Deflashing and Deburring

The removal of flash or resin spew in plastic mouldings and resin composite manufacture, removal of metallic burrs and debris from machining and laser cutting.

Surface Peening

This process relieves tensile stresses in the surface of metals to increase fatigue resistance. Can also be used to form curved metal panels without stress fractures or provide uniform 'satin' finish on components.

Surface Etching

This is providing a uniformly rough micro surface onto which paint, metal spray or similar coatings can easily bond. The substrates are usually metallic but also can be plastic and resin composites for coating and adhesive bonding.

Corrosion Removal

Removal of corrosion on steel, aluminium etc. so that items can be coated with paint or a similar protective layer and extend their service life.



  • Removing resist film and plastic flash in PCB and
    semi-conductor manufacture.
  • Removing conformal coatings for component replacement.

Aerospace Manufacturing

  • Peening of components such as landing gear or structural airframe members
  • Preparing composite parts for painting
  • Abrasive blasting to provide suitable surface etch for the bonding of primer paints, metal spray or similar coatings.
  • Cleaning composite mould tools

Aerospace Repair and Overhaul

  • Controlled removal of paint for inspection, non destructive testing and cosmetic purposes.
  • Removing combustion products from engine parts and structures.
  • Fatigue life enhancement of used components.
  • Removal of corrosion from metallic parts.
  • Removing damaged resin areas on composite structures.

Automotive and Transportation

  • Descaling ('fettling') of aluminium engines and cylinder heads.
  • Depainting body shells.
  • Decarbonising cylinder heads, liners, piston rings.
  • Preparation of railcar axles for NDT and coating.
  • Peening of conrods and springs to improve fatigue life.
Other Industrial and Commercial
  • Radioactive decontamination.
  • Paint removal for inspection of gas cylinders.
  • Cleaning or depainting of photocopier parts, printing presses, wall paper rollers and similar items.
  • Removal of resin coats from petroleum storage tanks.
  • Cleaning of tools in the plastics, composites and rubber moulding industries, including tyres.
  • Removing carbon deposits from catering equipment.
  • Cosmetic finishes on metallic and wooden items.
  • Gas Turbines
  • Peening of turbine blades for larger service life.
  • Preparation for or removal of heat resistant coatings on blades, vanes and liners.


  • Blast cleaning to remove corrosion and paint coatings on items of ship superstructure.
  • Depainting of any stressed items for NDT and inspection.
  • Paint stripping of composite radar dishes for inspection repair.


  • Depainting aluminium bodied vehicles without damage to metal spray areas around welding.
  • Depaint special steels such as gun barrels etc.
  • Removing paint or combustion products from ammunition.